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Making a gift for the benefit our Church after you are gone is a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy and ensure that the faith life you and your family have received will be there for generations to come.

For more info or to answer your questions about a possible gift, please contact Bill Hare at, 214-365-1200, or click here.

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Christ the King Membership

Who Is A Member Of Christ The King?

According to Catholic thought and tradition, it is through baptism that one is incorporated into the living Body of Christ, The Church. By joining a worshipping community, a baptized Catholic becomes a member of a particular parish. Therefore, it is expected that a parishioner of Parish should meet the following:

  • Christ the King MembershipBaptized Roman Catholic
  • Attends Sunday mass on a regular basis at
  • Completed a parish registration form
  • Financially supports the parish through the use of Sunday envelopes. No minimum contribution is specified.
Membership Application
Click here to download our Registration Form (PDF File)
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Parish Demographic

Approximately 2,000 families, 6,000 members, average Sunday mass attendance is 2,100. The has approximately 438 students.

Parish Boundaries

    From the intersection of Royal and Central Expressway: Parish Demographic
  • West on Royal Lane to Inwood Road
  • South on Inwood Road to Northwest Highway
  • West on Northwest Highway to Midway Road
  • South on Midway to Bluebonnet Boulevard
  • South on Bluebonnet to Lover’s Lane
  • East on Lovers Lane to Inwood Road
  • South on Inwood Road to Mockingbird Lane
  • East on Mockingbird Lane to Central Expressway
  • North on Central Expressway to Royal Lane 


Mission Statement - The Parish Community of Christ the King celebrates the Kingdom of God as followers of Jesus Christ. With our worship centered around the Eucharist, we are inspired by the Fatherís love and mercy and guided by the Holy Spirit. Our primary mission is to respond to our baptismal call to live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our valued Tradition, celebrated through the Sacraments of the Church, inspire all within the Parish family to draw closer together into the Body of Christ.
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