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Making a gift for the benefit our Church after you are gone is a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy and ensure that the faith life you and your family have received will be there for generations to come.

For more info or to answer your questions about a possible gift, please contact Bill Hare at, 214-365-1200, or click here.

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End of Life Documents

    1. Medical Power of Attorney (download here)
    2. Advance Directive to Physicians (download here)
    3. Suggested Scripture Readings (download here)

#1 and 2 – Legal Documents

Sooner or later, God will call us home. Just as need to be spiritually prepared to meet the Lord, we also need to have our earthly preparations made. For some of us, we may not be physically able to make some of the final decisions about our end of life care due to physical limitations. However, we still want to be sure that decisions about our care are made under the moral guidelines and directives of the Church.

With that in mind, Bishop Farrell engaged the services of the St. Thomas More Society, the Catholic lawyer’s guild, to prepare these two documents with the legal requirements in the State of Texas in mind. The two forms are designed to support moral decision-making in light of the teachings of the Church, assuring the dignity and respect of the human person when faced with the rapidly changing technology of the medical field.

For more information or assistance, please contact Linda Moses, Pastoral Associate, at 214-365-1203 or email him at

The above two forms, the Medical Power of Attorney and the Advance Directive to Physicians, can be found on the St. Thomas More Society web site at

#3 – Funeral Pre-Planning Form

One of the most difficult tasks facing a mourning family is planning the Funeral Vigil and Funeral Mass. In order to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed, Deacon Tim has designed a form to document the wishes of the deceased – prior to death.

Please download and complete (to the best of your ability) this form, and then set an appointment with the Deacon to discuss your wishes. Deacon Tim can help you select your readings and walk you through the entire process.

Additionally, Deacon Tim will enter your pre-plan into our computer system so that it will be immediately available when needed – either for future changes and revisions, or for your family when we are notified of your passing.

For more information or assistance, please contact Linda Moses, Pastoral Associate, at 214-365-1203 or email him at

A blank Adobe PDF copy of this form can be found by clicking on the following here: (download here)

To download a free Adobe ReaderClick Here Adobe PDF Reader


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